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Why Hire Me?

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Are you running your business alone?

Not have enough hours in the day to get done with everything?

I can help!

I’m Nidhi Thakur, a 'Health and Wellness' SEO writer and Content Strategist for hire. I add colour to your content by making it more, interesting, engaging, and innovative.


My high-quality content is search-engine friendly, social-media friendly and it helps businesses save time.

I'm a fitness enthusiast, who loves to stay active and try innovative healthy recipes daily. I'm the founder of a health and fitness brand named "The Sculpt Fitness". Here, I write about Nutrition, Clean Eating, Workouts, Lifestyle, and Healthy Recipes.

I specialize in writing topics like Natural Holistic Living, Clean EatingYoga, Strength Traning, Kids Nutrition, Women Fitness, Healthy Parenting, Pregnancy, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mental Health, and Mindful Living.

I currently live in New Delhi, India. Plus, I have plenty of experience in technology and new digital trends because I have a Master's Degree in Computers Applications

What to expect?

Let’s face it. You’re busy. You need valuable copy for your website. So, I can help you!

  • Regular content planning and generation.

  • Boost your business to find more valuable leads. 

  • Reach your intended audience through social media sharing.

Until now, my writing skills have been used as a growth tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. My writing copy is:


  • Easy to read.

  • 100% Authentic.

  • Well researched.

  • Informative & interesting.

  • Search-engine friendly.

  • Social media-friendly.

What to expect from me?

My Writing Services

Blog Writing​

Maybe you want to get rank on Google SERPs. I will research keywords and write high-quality content that matches user intent. I will optimize your blog headers as well as paragraphs with quality keywords for easy page crawling and indexing in google. 


Maybe you are looking for a promotional content piece, for your business and services that motivate your clients to take some form of action. I will improve your website conversions, strengthen your calls-to-action, refine your brand story, and bring more personality into your optimized copy.


Maybe you have an idea but lack the time or expertise to write it yourself.  I will help you by writing your desired piece of work and I won't even ask for writing credits. You can use my expertise under your pen name. 

Maybe you want to attract leads with your eBook, make money directly by selling it on Amazon Kindle, eBay, Clickbank, or through other marketing channels. I can craft content that establishes you as an expert in your space. This includes great research, data, quotes, citation referalas and much more.

E-Book Writing 

Content Strategy

Maybe you want someone to design a content strategy for your online business that aligns with your brand guidelines, voice, and style, while pursuing your overall business goals. I’ll help you in determining what content you must produce, the time of content posting, how much content to be produced, where it should be promoted, and how client will engage with it. 

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